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Moroccan FoodWelcome to Kasbah, your gate to Morocco!


Moroccan Cuisine has long been influenced by several waves of people, such as native settlers, invaders, travelers, etc. Consequently, cookery had and still takes on a multicultural flavor, adapting recipes from all over the east and west to all the local ingredients.


However, three distinct people merge as the chief architects of authentic Moroccan Cuisine: it is the remarkable daily interaction between native Berbers, Arabs and Jews that makes the Moroccan Cuisine not only unique, but one of the most delightful for taste buds in the world.


Kasbah Restaurant invites you, in the spirit of Moroccan's Hospitality tradition (D'yafa Feast), to a unique journey where dining is a social anthem of hospitality, and cookery is a translation of care and affection. We take great honor in sharing this experience with you. Our Moroccan native Chefs from Casablanca are pleased to bring our expertise from the heart of Morocco to the heart of Seattle.



Kasbah Moroccan Restaurant